I started in this industry in 1988 when I joined British Gas as an apprentice heating engineer and received training that covered all aspects of heating and gas. After leaving British Gas in 1997 I set up my own business and very soon realised that there was so much more to learn but very few opportunities available to gain the knowledge that I knew was important. System design, controls, electrics, and pump selection are incredibly important to give the customer the right system they need for their property. 

One of the biggest problems in this industry is the level of knowledge and experience being passed down to the next generation of heating engineers is far from adequate. That is not to say that other heating engineers are bad at their jobs, but they could and should be so much better. I spend a lot of my time consulting with fellow engineers and try to pass on what I have learned and without exception, colleagues are very surprised at what can be done to increase the efficiency and life span of the boilers they are working with. 

Other than our website, we do not advertise anywhere else and we do not use lead generated sites that buy work. 90% of our work comes from recommendations. You will find us on the lists of recommended installers that are advertised by manufacturers and organisations within the industry. When it comes to my customers, I always treat every job as if it were my own home. Customers are never sold a product or system they do not need and nor do I sway people to use a certain brand. Every job is carried out with 100% care and consideration.

Whilst I do appreciate that there is a place in the market for companies that offer relatively cheap installations, and people sometimes want the cheapest available option, I do strongly believe that there are a lot of other people that want an installation carried out by an informed, reliable and trustworthy company that is more than willing to go that extra step.