heating installation & design

The most common error made by the majority of installers is fitting a boiler that is vastly oversized for the property it's being installed in.

Carrying out a heat loss calculation on your property is the point where system design and choice has to start, but unfortunately it is rarely ever done. The average house in the UK requires approximately 8-10Kw, yet the average boiler fitted is around 28Kw’s. This results in poor performance, a lack of efficiency and shorter running life of the appliance. But from the point of view of you, the customer, if your radiators are hot and the water is up to temperature, then it’s all working correctly yes? No. Most of the high efficiency condensing boilers that are installed don’t actually condense properly due to the boilers running too hot for short periods causing the boiler to cycle.


Poor system design is another factor. How many times have you been told...

“That radiator doesn’t get that warm because it’s the last one on the system?”

Absolute rubbish! System design, the correct pump selection and achieving the right temperature differential is vital. All of the above should be taken into account if you are having a new boiler, or a completely new system but unfortunately, the industry doesn’t teach any of this as standard. The knowledge required to get it right comes from working to best practices, and not just the standard practices required to tick a box. At Alton & Jones, that's exactly what we do.

why intergas?

The Intergas range of boilers are our preferred choice for a number of reasons. The ability to be used on pretty much any type of system  as well as the capability to include priority hot water and Opentherm controls are the biggest factors for us. 

The design of the heat exchanger and the burner modulation means that Intergas X range of boilers are one of the most efficient available on the market.

This combined with an Opentherm enabled heating control can reduce gas consumption considerably.



  • Up to 12 years warranty (dependant on model)

  • Compatible for use with solar thermal applications

  • Compatible with any Smart heating control