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Intergas are a Dutch boiler manufacturer with a 50-year history of making ground-breaking advances in boiler technology. Their aim has always been to increase energy efficiency and reliability, while lowering emissions and energy bills for our customers. And they've been very successful at doing this thanks to an ingenious feature on every Intergas boiler: the two-in-one heat exchanger, the heart of the boiler


The Evohome range offers a state of the art heating system with remote access via a smartphone or tablet app. Offering touchscreen technology and wireless radiator controllers the system has the unique facility to set radiator controls independently. Thus creating the perfect mix of convenience and money saving

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Alton & Jones is proud to be a member of The Heating Hub's Elite Installer Network. A network of installers who - through self-learning and undertaking what training is available - have reached the standard of technical competence needed to maximise the efficiency of condensing boilers.

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