what are system controls?

Most people would assume that any form of heating control that had the ability to be used from a phone, PC, or tablet would be ‘‘smart’’ but this is not the case. A lot of the controls on the market are like a light switch, they just turn the boiler on and off. By “smart” we mean a control that can actually tell the boiler exactly what to do whilst taking into consideration the temperature outside, ( known as weather comp) and the exact water temperature required to keep the heating at a specific set temperature. This type of control can have a real effect on efficiency, which in turn can prolong the life of a boiler quite significantly. 


By far the best controls on the market run on “Opentherm”, a data sharing protocol that allows the thermostat and boiler to talk to each other. However, only certain boilers have the capability to run Opentherm and you would be surprised at which boilers cannot. Some of the big boiler manufacturers will not accept an Opentherm control, and some can only use their own controls which means the choice of system is taken away from you! 

No matter what type of boiler or system you have, Alton & Jones can integrate a controls package to give you far greater control over your heating system

  • Set different temperatures in each room

  • Smart weather compensation

  • Reduces gas consumption 

  • Operate from your phone, Alexa or tablet