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Premium Consultation Service
giving you piece of mind 

Choosing to get an air source heat pump isn’t just buying something to heat your home, it’s an investment.

If the system is designed well and the right heat pump installed then you can save on your fuel consumption as well as doing your bit for the environment.

One of these installations does not come cheap, even with the available grants you can spend between £4k & £10k, so you want to make sure it’s done right. A poor installation can cause fuel costs to sky rocket.

Using our Premium Consultation Service will guide you with making the right choice for your home. Whether it’s an ASHP or a gas boiler, the right system can mean massive increases in fuel efficiency.

If you live outside of our installation area you can still benefit from our expertise and experience. We will advise you on what your local installer should be doing to give you the best possible service and installation. 


Our Premium Consultation Service gives you....

· A face to face zoom meeting

· Follow up on system design

· Checking heat loss calculations

· Going through your installers proposals

· Making sure you to ask the right questions

· After installation, checking you are using the right settings


All of these are major factors in achieving the maximum CoP/efficiency from your appliance.

This service costs £250+vat.

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