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Air Source Heat Pumps 

ASHPs are highly energy-efficient systems that can provide heating and cooling to your home using electricity. They can extract heat from the outside air, even in cold temperatures, and transfer it indoors. ASHPs can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

Due to their high efficiency, ASHPs typically result in lower operating costs compared to other heating and cooling options. With proper installation and maintenance, homeowners can save a considerable amount on their energy bills over the lifespan of the system.

ASHPs provide consistent heating and cooling throughout your home, avoiding the hot and cold spots that can occur with some traditional heating and cooling systems. They distribute air evenly, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. 


With the correct size ASHP and a calculated system design, a unit can run at up to 500% efficiency which makes it cheaper than gas. The efficiency (or CoP) is all down to design and the type of ASHP installed.


Pipe sizing is very important. Our system design and pipe sizing are customised to suit your specific needs. Buffers or heat exchangers can be fitted to help ensure maximum performance throughout the year. Plus, because they are eco-friendly, you can enjoy cost savings while making a positive impact on the environment. 

Homeowners can also get help with the cost of a ASHP installation through the BUS grant. To find out more, click here


As we are Heat Geek Elite members, all of our installations are carried out to the high specifications required from a Heat Geek member.

If you are still after more information, click here where you will find lots of impartial consumer information.

Heat Loss

heat loss pic.jpg

Getting a heat loss survey on your home is essential for optimising energy efficiency, reducing utility bills, improving comfort, increasing home value, promoting environmental sustainability, and accessing potential financial incentives. It provides valuable insights into the energy performance of your home and guides you in making informed decisions about energy-saving upgrades and renovations.

The report will also tell you what size radiators are needed for each room, and as the majority of radiator systems installed are oversized, this could mean that your radiators may already be big enough. Your heat loss determines how much energy is required to keep a room at the determined temperature. The draughtier your house, the greater the energy consumption.

​Once your heat loss calculation has been carried out, this determines what size heat pump or gas boiler is needed to heat your property. If the boiler you have is greater in energy output than the maximum heat loss for your property, it will not work efficiently.

Alton and Jones will always carry out a heat loss calculation as standard, and we also offer this as a separate service. To understand more about heat loss, click here

Heating Installation & Design

A heating system designed for your home takes into account factors such as the size, layout, insulation, and orientation of your house. This tailored approach ensures that the heating system operates at its highest efficiency, minimizing energy waste and reducing heating costs.

The average house in the UK requires approximately 8 -10Kw, yet the average boiler fitted is around 28Kw. This results in poor performance, a lack of efficiency and shorter running life of the appliance. Most of the high-efficiency condensing boilers installed do not actually condense properly. This is due to the boiler running too hot for short periods causing the boiler to cycle.

From the point of view of the customer, if your radiators are hot and the water is up to temperature, then you think everything is working correctly yes? Not necasserily.

System design, the correct pump selection and achieving the right temperature differential is vital. All this should be considered when you are having a new boiler or a completely new system installed but unfortunately the industry does not teach any of this as standard.

The knowledge required to get it right comes from working to best practices and not just the standard practices required to tick a box. At Alton & Jones that is exactly what we do.

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We wont just fit any heating system. We fit the right heating system for your home

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